ABE s.c. Mariusz i Aleksander Jaworscy
Clothing Manufacturer From Poland

There are at least 4 reason why you should choose us:

  1. Your vision will be shared thanks to our experience and knowledge.
  2. You pay less for similar quality.
  3. You won't pay a fortune for shipping cost.
  4. Your ideas will be understood in every detail.

1. We have been on the clothing market for more than 19 years.

  • We have been producing and manufacturing clothes since 1991.
  • For all those years we have been gaining experience and knowledge, needed in the textile and clothing industry.

    We are specialized in production:

    • knitwear, and textile
    • women's wear, men's wear, and children's wear
    • military clothes, leisure wear and fisherman's clothing
    • casual, and sportswear (especially bike clothing)
    • angler clothing
    • and many more
  • We have been providing many reputable clothing companies with our services.
  • As a result of, not only wide variety of sewing machinery, but also skilled and experienced workers, our company is able to meet most challenging and demanding requirements.

    We possess:

    • specialized sewing machinery
    • cutting table & machine
    • steam ironing press

Remember! High quality clothing production and short term of delivery are our priorities.

2. We are probably much cheaper than clothing manufacturers in Your country.

Due to ongoing depression in economy world, Polish currency (zloty) has been stable regarding to others currencies (like USD, EUR, GPB etc.) Due to these stable exchange rate, we are able to provide You with non changeable prices for high-quality production standard.

Take a look:

Even in the hard times of crises, thanks to that exchange rate, you are still able to find a cheap, but reliable and decent clothing manufacturer, or sewing services supplier in Poland, like we are! We have not changed, neither our price nor high-quality production standards.

We are cheaper for you right now!

3. Poland is closer than you may think!

Thanks to that fact, the shipping cost is lower, the shipping time is shorter, and it may be easier for you to check us!

Just have a look how close we are:

These are just examples. How far are we from Your place? Check now!

4. We DO speak English.

You can easily communicate with us! Your ideas will be understood in every detail. Apart from English, we are able to communicate on basic level with you in German, Spanish and Czech.

Use a form and contact us!

Find out more about our niche! We produce and manufacture sport clothing and cycle clothing.