We are a producer of supporters' clothing from Poland.

We can offer you:

  1. many customization options
  2. low minimum quantity order
  3. customer service in fluent English
  4. wide range of products

Many customization options

Choose your own set of colors, embroideries and printings. With these kind of variety you can easily order clothing sa you wish.

Low minimum quantity order

We offer you a unique possibility, you can order from 10 pieces per order. Thanks to that you would be able to realize even very small orders.

Wide range of products

You can choose several products, such as:
  • cotton and polyester sweatshirts,
  • windbreakers,
  • nylon jackets,
  • caps and hats,
  • bandamas,
  • ponchos,
  • and many others.

Customer service in fluent English

Communication in English is not a problem. We offer you customer service in fluent English.

Contact us now and ask for prices!